(Azug.Announce(“Azure Saturday”) == Fun) = True

As a proud Azug Crew Member I’m happy to announce an Azure/fun packed Saturday with a cherry on top (or rather a barbecue in this case :-) ).

So ready to dive into code? Have a cool Windows Azure idea and want to work on it in a small team? Now is the right time to kick-start your cloud solution and convince the other attendees of its value. We’ll start early and code the entire morning. Build a killer cloud service, a killer mobile app backed by Windows Azure, whatever! And enjoy a tasty barbecue afterwards!

And the best idea, or the best application will even win some very cool prizes (more on that later :-), but it will be tha bomb, and that’s a promise!)

so if you feel up to it, have nothing planned on June 2nd then feel free to join us (for a small fee in the BBQ area): http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3356267687

Hope to see you all there and then :-)


One thought on “(Azug.Announce(“Azure Saturday”) == Fun) = True

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