SkyDrive , My Fav!!

As of today the business model of Skydrive changes. The most significant change is the paying options and the downgrade from the comfortable 25Gb to 7Gb online storage. What did you just say … downgrade? That’s right, downgrade. But not to fear, you can still regain your 25Gb , even for free. The reason for the downgrade  is that Microsoft  probably is “hunting down” static accounts to regain online storage and to optimize current storage soltions. But that’s just a hunch. so feel free to comment on that.

But more important how can one regain his/her storage. Well fairly easy, but it seems that it doesn’t apply for all accounts, so don’t shoot me if this doens’t apply to your account …

  1. log in to
  2. on the “home page” you get an option for returning happy customers to get a free upgrade (underneath the add files toolbar)
  3. once selected you’ll get underneath screen, were you can easily select a free upgrade to 25Gb and even upgrades to the paying options for those who want extra storage


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