New Initiative of Microsoft Belgium : The Azure Roadtrip Website

Microsoft Belgium started a new online initiative to show the power of the Windows Azure Platform. 3 Different kind of developers will blog on their experiences with the platform and try to cover all ground. starting from an introduction (level 100/200) to more advanced matter and capabilities of the platform. The fun part is that all three bloggers use different languages, to proove that Windows Azure is capable of more than Micrsoft technology alone.

the bloggers are :  * Maarten Balliauw : Experienced/expert .Net Developer, Azure MVP and co-founder(and friend)  * Michelangelo Van Dam : PHP expert and soul of the PHP Community in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg  * François Hertay : Java developer-architect with great expertise in JBoss and JEE.

Maarten kicked of the series and Michelangelo already made the second post available. If you are interested in the Windows Azure environment, no matter what level of expertise and or maturity you have with the platform, reading this series is definitly worthwhile.

You can find the site here :

There’s also a social tag available on twitter : #azureroadtrip


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