AZUG.Be’s Windows Azure Saturday #was12 a great success!

Yesterday (02/06/2012) we held our first real mass event for the Belgian Azure Community: a hackaton in the morning combined with a barbecue in the afternoon (see my announcement of 2 months ago ( (Azug.Announce(“Azure Saturday”) == Fun) = True).

We started early (for some people 8:30 on a Saturday morning seems like helll :-) ) were we welcomed people with some breakfast and the opportunity to log in on th eWifi and to get themselves settled on their dev corner for the morning.

Then at 9:00we kicked of with the development and the stakes were high (the other steaks were foreseen for the afternoon activity :-)), because everyone wanted to win First Prize : an Azure Roadtrip to the Westen Europe Datacenter in Dublin, fully payed payed by Microsoft. (of course there were some other great prizes from some of our other sponsors for the runner ups!).

At the end of the coding session it was time to demonstrate the results for those who wanted to be rated (there were people who were there just for the atmosphere and fun!) and these were the results:

Team # votes
shellR – PowerShell over the web 6
Autoscaling document translation service 5
XBox game score comparer 5
TwiBo 4
Positive/negative review analyzer 3
“Worker role as a service” 2
PDF creator service 2
Storage migration tool 1
Service bus webcam picture transmission 1
BBQ-as-a-Service 1

What came out of the competition was amazing, some really good concept apps with some very nifty ideas (and I do see a some future startups in there!!!). Once more : congratulations to all and especially to ShellR for their great PowerShell in the Sky project!!! (another PaaS definition) (sysadmins if you don’t want this then you are just nuts!!)

afterwards there was time for some food and drinks and networking. Comments afterwards were great and we are already looking in to ideas for a followup to this event. Hope to see you all back next year!!!

yours truly, the Azug’s numbergirl ! ;-)

PS: Once again thank you to our sponsors and I’ll see most of you tomorrow evening on our sponsor dinner :-)


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