#comdaybe is over and was a success :-)

Yesterday (June 21st 2012) was Community Day, and it was a success, if I dare to say so. It had it all, great venue, lots of attendees (over 500 of the 700 subscribed people, so even a good no-show rate! Exact numbers to follow)  good catering and a terrific atmosphere. From brewing beer (a technical session delivered by the AZUG.BE User Group) to late afternoon ice-creams, gracefully offered by one of the sponsors.


And speaking of the latter … I was proud to be there because Cronos was the sole Platinum sponsor! And people were charmed by our presence, if I heard the rumours correctly through the grapevine ;-). We had a good visibility and attendance, and we were well represented not only by attendance but also by speakers. At least 4 speakers were of our group (some on SQL and one on Certifications and MCT)!


For all this I also want to say thanks to the organisers once more for their terrific work! So thank you Gill – Davy – Alexandre, keep up the good work!!!


I hope you all had fun and had some good sessions or had some good chance on networking (or both for that matter J) and hope to see you all again next year!!







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