The importance of WPC :-)

WPC : the Mekka for all partners in the Microsoft Ecosystem. Most of us techies call it the dullest event of the year in Microsoft terms, all business related people call it the networking event of the year. As you can see opinions dare to differ, luckily enough.

But if you take a closer look both event types don’t seem to be all that different. Sure, WPC won’t host a Bart De Smet level 200 (ie a level 600 in practice :-)) but it does one thing what all the other events don’t do: They show how every piece of the puzzle falls in place and integrates with every other piece of the huge platform Microsoft has become over the years.

What started 37 or so years ago as a OS for the personal computer is now an all device and platform enabler for all range uses: from consumer on either phone or (and to it’s extend) the XBox towards tablets, BYOD and high Private and Public Cloud environments in the business segment of the corporations offering. And that’s the beauty of it: it all goes in overlap.

Yesterday  at WPC they gave a demo on how consumer IT an Business/enterprizy IT can flow seamlessly into each other : someone logs on on a tablet, and opens a portal, which actually is an Enterprise version of the App Store (where are you now Apple? Or Google?) . The machine is recognized as safe because network credentials have been used to log in, but still it is a BYOD situation. The person logged in can demand the application he/she needs and it’s installed immediately, just as you would do with a normal App store demand. Or how consumerization finds its way back to the enterprise.

Another great announcement was the CTP announcement of technology we now are used to in Windows Azure but then for the self hosted / private datacentre cloud environments. Microsoft is bringing the new WAWS (Windows Azure WebSites, aka “Antares”) to Windows 2012 together with quick and self provisioning of VM’s (in combination with Hyper-V and the System Center Family) and  the Servicemanagement Portal (just like Azure’s  portal) and API. So basically it’s PaaS and IaaS in a box for hosters and large corps. As staed before these are all in CTP and can be downloaded here.

And that’s the beauty of it: MS keeps finding ways to amaze us, in either way, whether it is by buying a company that’s innovative in either building large touch screens or by buying a complete social network. And if they don’t do it by buying they do it by either breaking tradition (Windows Surface) or by gving stuff for free (Office 365 for education).

And that’s what’s WPC is all about: it’s about amazing us, the partners and telling us what amazing goals we can achieve if we work wth Microsoft. And a proud partner I am ( as being stated on the RCP Magazine site: I seem to be working for the number 35 in the ranking of the 50 most competent Microsoft Partners worldwide. Proud I am (and number 36 is also a part of it :-) )


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