Fall is going to be a busy Community Season :-) … #windowsazure ( @azugbe + @sqlug )

I guess my fall will be all about Microsoft, the Belgian Community and Azure. It seems that AZUG is on a roll with plenty of events (and they haven’t even all been announced yet :-) ). Next to that I personally will get my share in having the chance to do some talks for community members and for Microsoft (more on that later in another blogpost).

What’s on the agenda:

2012-09-25 – AZUG event: Windows Azure Web Sites Deep Dive with Brady Gaster

Last June, Microsoft release an additional application model in Windows Azure: Windows Azure Web Sites. Brady Gaster, a technical evangelist Windows Azure, breathes Windows Azure Web Sites. Join us for a great time with a crazy American who’ll teach you Web Sites inside-out. Register now!

PS: We have a nerd dinner with Brady Gaster scheduled on September 24th, you can register for that one as well.

2012-09-27 – SQLUG event: An evening in the cloud: the old, the new and the big

The last couple of months have been very exciting times for Microsoft fans. With the release of the central flagship, SQL Server 2012, and the new and improved Cloud offering on Windows Azure, Microsoft managed to change the IT Landscape dramatically. During this talk we want to take you through all the SQL Server features in the Windows Azure Environment in either the full cloud spectrum or hybrid scenario’s. We’ll cover subjects like SQL Databases, IaaS, provisioning, integration, migration and touch some of the more computing topics in the Windows Azure when it comes to data. Going from the pure basics of all SQL related to the more advanced stuff you can do with this magnificent cloud platform. Register now!

2012-10-25 – AZUG event:Catching the long tail with SaaS and Windows Azure

We typically target large customers as it is much easier to build a cost-effective solution for them. What about the long tail in which a large number of smaller customers are? Ignore them? In this session, you’ll learn from Rainer Stropek, co-founder and CEO of the company that builds the award-winning SaaS solution “time cockpit” and Windows Azure MVP, to embrace The Long Tail using SaaS wand Windows Azure. Register now!

2012-11-21 – AZUG event:Over the hedge: what’s that bookstore doing?

You may have heard about this “other cloud” built by that online bookstore, Amazon. Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably have seen that they, too, have a lot to offer. Since knowing the others out there is the best way to know what you are missing (or they are missing), we’ve invited Jurg and Jasper from 9apps to come over and show us what’s over the hedge. Register now!

Hope to see you on one of these events!!!!


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