#Windows8 is a first class citizen on #WindowsAzure : Introducing Mobile Services.

Today Microsoft announced a new feature for the upcoming future in Mobile computing and GA for Windows 8. Meet Windows Azure Mobile Services!

It’s a new service offering from Microsofto allowing you to quickly generate and deploy service backends for your Windows 8 Apps. It offers capabilities for easily creating push notifications and also user authentication.

The beauty of it all is that you just need some easy server-side scripting and that’s it. No more real backend code. The Mobile services provide you this.

The model of this new offering is a little like the Websites model, it allows Up to 10 mobile services without any cost (at least during this preview period) with Data Transfers of 165 MB of outbound data transfers per day, per subscription; unlimited inbound data transfers.

Like the Websites this is based in a shared instance model, running alongside other users’ mobile services and sharing the server resources. Also here you can choose to get your own reserved instances, with the additional charge of course.

There are several resources available if you would like to learn more before you get started building your own Windows 8 apps. Be sure to check out Scott Guthrie’s blog post. It shows how easy it is to get a ‘To Do’ app up and running using Mobile Services. The developer center contains resources to teach you how to:

  • Validate and authorize access to data using easy scripts that execute securely, on the server
  • Easily authenticate your users via Windows Live
  • Send toast notifications and update live tiles in just a few lines of code

Demo’s and more blogpost on this later.


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