Talks of the last weeks on #WindowsAzure

I had the chance to do some talks for the Belgian Community the last couple of weeks. And if you follow me on twitter you’ve probably seen the announcenments or were even present during one of those talks.

First talk : 27/09 – SQL UG (SQLUG.BE) – An evening in the cloud: the old, the new and the big

The goal of the talk was to give to SQL Server DBA’s and users, a 360° view on the Windows Azure SQL Database offering and all SQL Server touching or touchable services tagging along with the Windows Azure Platform. At first I was thinking to myself: there’s not much tot talk about that now, is there? Or so I thought! Then I started writing all the services and SQL related material and I came to a very comprehensive list, divided into 3 big blocks:

  1. “The Old”
    1. First of all a generic intro on the Windows Azure Platform, to make sure it was well understood
    2. after that an introduction on SQL Database in Windows Azure (trying to avoind the SQLAzure issueeven that evening and managed quite well  :-) ) containing:
      • generic SQL Database Azrchitecture (Windows Azure SQL Server is no VM but a TDS!)
      • Capabilities and non existing features
      • Security
      • Migrations, Backup and Restore
      • Development
      • Management and Monitoring
    3. after having grasped the concepts of the latter I continued with SQL Reporting and some BI
    4. and as a last part of the first block : a lap around Datasync
  2. After that I also had to cover the Spring release , enter “The New”
    1. Covering ground on SQL Federations and Multi-tenancy
    2. the new IaaS offering and Native SQL Server Hosting on a Virtual Machine
    3. Hybrid solutions on both Windows azure and on premises solutions with or without SQL Database and/or SQL Server VM’s through the means of Virtual networking
    4. and covering the feature release of 2 weeks ago: Database Firewall, DBCC Statistics, Linked Servers and Recursive Triggers (that was just released a couple of days before my talk!!!)
  3. at the end of my talk I had one last “Big” Topic left
    1. all the side products
      • Hadoop On Azure
      • SQL Nummerics / Cloud Nummerics
      • the other SQL Azure Labs offerings
      • StreamInsight

so as you can see there was quite some ground to cover (to be honest I started out with 400 slides and was able to reduce the deck to 68. You can find the deck here on SlideShare.

Second talk : 03/10 – Microsoft Belgium – Windows Server 2012 Launch

Yesterday (03/10/2012) there was an event for the launch of Windows Server 2012 organized by Microsoft Belgium, which was a packed day on Windows Server 2012 (of course) and an additional Windows Azure Track. 3 members of the AZUG.BE crew were asked to do a presentation there: Kristof Rennen , Kris Van der Mast and myself.

I asked to do a talk on Windows Azure on where there is value for IT Pro’s in the platform and on what their key competence must be in order to make advantage of the platform.

More on the event itself can be found here :

Keep an eye out for the blogposts of Kris and Kristof as they will probably blog about that also (on their “gig”):

All sessions have been recorded and will be placed online shortly. When this happens I’ll update the blogpost with the link to the slides and the recording.


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