#MEETBE Training the kiddies in being safer internauts

child_logoOn November 29th I got to do another set of public / community talks. Now this doesn’t sound so special, but if you take a look at the audience this is quite a game changer. I took the challenging opportunity to teach children of the age between 10 and 12/13 to safely use the Internet. I must admit I found it very satisfying to have discussion and interaction with these youngsters. These talks were organized by ChildFocus together with their partners Microsoft and Belgacom. This time they even allowed the Microsoft Community to do some of the coverage, because we all live by the motto that “Sharing is Caring” and that we all find it very import to have a good sane internet knowledge as young as possible.

I had the chance to deliver 3 sessions, 1 in the school (http://www.vbsdeklimop.be) of my wife, and 2 others in another town. Here’s a couple impressions of the event at one of the schools. This talk was done together with Sigrid de Jonghe from Belgacom. Sorry about the blurry pictures, but it seemed I was quite gesticulating during my talk J:

My audience for the day J

Teacher interaction was also included and necessary. Childfocus has a great catalogue with material for in-class usage:

All pupils being very wise and silent J and they were very “savant” on the topic.

I found this so much fun I’ll do these kinds of talks more often when asked for. Another session of these talks is planned for February 5th 2013 , which is the International Safer Internetday. If you’re willing to know more on the topic, or you want your kid(s) to be safer online then certainly check out this page:

Want more information on Childfocus?


DISCLAIMER: all images and above data have been published with the agreement of the school


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