Some cool new content on #windowsazure Mobile Services and great samples!!



Since the release of mobile services in September, the team has made great effort in adding features and improving the service(s). Nick Harris (@cloudnick) posted a bunch of new samples and tutorials on how to achieve certain tasks.

The samples created can be found here :

The cool thing about Mobile Services is that it easily integrates mechanisms like authentication and authorization (through Identity Poviders like Twitter and others) it allows you to to get up to speed in no time.

Since December 21st there’s some pretty nifty new stuff available to play with and use.

  • There ‘s the availability to run server scripts on designated time through the Scheduler (aka “CRON”)
  • the Commandline tools now fully support the management and deployment for Mobile Services (check out the 12 days of Zumo from Josh Twist (@joshtwist) , which is a great start for the CLI tools CMD Line

Some nice new content  are the Windows Store Apps + there respective scenario’s:

Geolocation sample end to end using Windows Azure Mobile Services  This sample provides an end to end location scenario with a Windows Store app using Bing Maps and a Windows Azure Mobile Services backend. It shows how to add places to the Map, store place coordinates in a Mobile Services table, and how to query for places near your location.01
Enqueue and Dequeue messages with Windows Azure Mobile Services and Services BusMy Store – This sample demonstrates how you can enqueue and dequeue messages from your Windows Store apps into a Windows Azure Service Bus Queue via Windows Azure Mobile Services. This code sample builds out an ordering scenario with both a Sales and Storeroom and app.02
 Capture, Store and Email app Feedback using Windows Azure Mobile ServicesThis sample shows how you can implement a Feedback charm option in your Windows Store application and submit the feedback to be both stored Windows Azure Mobile Services and emailed directly to you.03
 Upload File to Windows Azure Blob Storage using Windows Azure Mobile Services This demonstrates how to store your files such as images, videos, docs or any binary data off device in the cloud using Windows Azure Blob Storage. In this example we focus on capturing and uploading images, with the same approach you can upload any binary data to Blob Storage.04
 Create a Game Leaderboard using Windows Azure Mobile Services The My Trivia sample demonstrates how you can easily add, update and view a leaderboard from your Windows Store applications using Windows Azure Mobile Services.05

As with everything else, don’t forget to also check out the ton of information and samples you can find in the Windows Azure Training Kit, Refreshed in December (and check for updates regulary): or on GitHub :


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