and as an addendum: a non IT Pro Agenda Recommendation for #Techdaysbe 2013 #meetbe #windowsazure

td2013-logoAs seeing a lot of agenda recommendations for IT Pro’s, I thought to myself: why not create one for devs as well :-). Hence here we are. Not to forget the scheme and session track is packed with nothing but excellent speakers and/or demoguru’s from whom you can learn by watching. So whatever choice you make, you’ll never be deceived (so you win anyway :-) )

Day 0 – 05/03/2013 – PRE-CONF

This is the so called pre-conference, which gives you a workshop style overview and tips on a certain product/product group. For developers there’s 2 different tracks available: A SharePoint track and an ALM Track based on the Visual Studio and TFS products. My personal favorite is definitely the ALM track, especially because Brian Keller is doing part of this track (of course if you want to make a combo of DeepDives, go ahead, it’s open!)

Day 1 – 06/03/2013 – Conf D1

08:45 – 10:15 The   first talk is always the easiest: Keynote time and this time it’s quite   promising in speakers. We got Mads Kristensen (Program Manager Web   Platforms & Tools, Microsoft Corp), Brian Keller (Principal Technical   Evangelist, Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management , Microsoft   Corp), Nick Harris (Technical Evangelist Windows Azure,  Microsoft Corp)   and our very own Katrien De Graeve (Technical Evangelist, Microsoft Belgium).
10:45 – 12:00 this session is already a   “hard-choice-to-make” slot: they always seem to manage to get the   best speakers at the same time :-) : If you want to go boldly where non man   has gone before then join Bart De Smet for his (only) “level 200” session   on TypeScript (Don’t say i dind’t warn you, this guy rocks!!!!!! ). But I   also, if not interested in Typescript, recommend Nick Harris’s session on   where the path lies for Windows Azure, the product I love soooo much (can you   tell? :-))
13:00 – 14:15 Again the choice needs to be   made: are you going for Bart De Smet or for the enlightning session by Iris   Classon. Off course you don’t get the chance everyday to have an unplugged   session with Bart and ask him anything you want (including the immer emminent:   Why don’t you twitter Bart? :-) ) Then again seeing one of the betetr female   developers during a live coding session is also very appealing. My recs, your   choice :-)
14:30 – 15:45 This slot is an easy one:   Windows Azure all the way with Nick Harris (the man is actually a star and   even owns a star!!! (seriously!)) And he can tell you a sweet story on Mobile Services too!
16:15 – 17:30 This will be a very brainpumping   day as Bart De Smet delivers another session (3times is kicking it, Chuck   Norris Style!) this time on a behind the scenes session (ow bwoy Level   400000,  I mean 400 ;-) ). If you want   something “lighter” I advise to have a session by THE WP developer   guru : Jeff Prosise. He’ll be bringing you up to speed on Windows Phone 8   development when you are a WP7.x dev.
17:45 – 19:00 this last session of the day for   me would mean again a Windows Azure recommendation: Clemens Vasters, Service   Bus Guru, will be talking on Architecture and design for scalability for   Cloud and server. Although a session by Mads Kristensen on performance management   for ASP.Net 4x apps wouldn’t harm either :-)

Day 2 – 07/03/2013 – Conf D2

If you survived the first day(s), then you’ll probably be up for another one :-), but keep in mind the day before was just the beginning of awesomeness !

08:45 – 10:15 Day 2 kicks of with two of my   buddies: Maarten Balliauw and Scott Klein (guess the Topic :-)) If you want   to know more on Securing and ACS’ing your env with Oauth as a Service, then   maarten is the way to go! If you want to take advantage of SQL Databases   instead of on prem SQL Servers then Scott will be there to guide you through   the migration landscape! Unfortunately there’s another hard nut to crack,   because the goddess of security, Paula Januszkiewicz, is also delivering a   session during this slot. Although it’s not a dev session this one really   wouldn’t harm you to create more safer application while keeping in mind her tips!

10:45 – 12:00 during this slot a colleague of   mine is delivering a session on Cross Platform Mobile Solutions. Perhaps   something you are willing to check out. Gitte Vermeiren is an excellent dev   with quite a few tricks up her  sleeve.   If you are more interested in a more hardcore session then i would advice to   check out Jeff again: he will be explaining Proximity networking in WinRT.
13:00 – 14:15 Time for some Windows8 design   and coding with Laurent Bugnion. The mans sure knows his XAML :-)
14:30 – 15:45 It’s always hard to choose   between friends, especially when they are both excellent speakers too!  Twice a deep dive during this slot: the   first one on Windows Azure Storage Services delivered by Yves Goeleven. If you   want to benefit the max from your windows azure subscription then follow this   session! If you want to get your hands dirty on Windows 8 development, then   Gill Cleeren is there to entertain you with the MVVM session you’ll be   expecting the least!
16:15 – 17:30 For wrapping up Techdays there’s   just one choice: join Pieter Gheysens    and Kevin DeRudder with their combined session on how to ALM the Code   you’re producing including control and testing.

Of course that’s not all. Don’t forget there’s also Hands-on-Labs, Ask the Experts panels, MEET, the expo, etc … so you’ll really enjoy yourself during these days of high religion ;-)

have a good one!!!


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