XX Reasons for attending Community Day 2013

What’s another year in the life of a IT person (actually its a datediff with a difference  of 31449600 seconds in this case, but hey who’s counting …) Last year i gave you XX reasons for attending, this year I’ll try to hand you all of the ammo i got !!!!

First of all it’s Edition N° 7 and the 5th in Utopolis Mechelen (so actually it’s kind of an anniversay )

We have no less than 5 tracks waiting for you filled with sessions on various Microsoft Technologies or … and this is new, cross technology (like the guys from PHP Benelux will do a session on Windows Azure and PHP, pretty cool stuff if you ask me!!)

There’s sessions on Windows Azure (5), SQL Server (5) Sharepoint (3) and many many many many more …. (dixit Cmdt LAssard, Police Academy .. )

If that’s not enough then this will say : “shut up and take my blood, cause i want in!”:

  1. All User Groups will be present (all 14 + additionally PHP Benelux!) : so if you got a question for the experts —> NOW IS THE TIME AND PLACE
    1. AZUG
    2. Belgian C++ user group
    3. BIWUG
    4. CLUG
    5. WINTalks
    6. Pro-Exchange
    7. SCUG
    8. SQLUG
    9. ACCB.net/VBIB
    10. Visug
    11. IAMCT
    12. DotNetHub
    13. MADN
    14. TechNine
    15. PHP Benelux
  2. Great Sponsors come with great things : Combell will be present and we all know what that means!! (yep it starts with I and it SCREAMS  …. )
  3. Go old school: time to do some networking PEER 2 PEER
  4. don’t go home empty handed: we got some GREAT prizes for you waiting (if you win of course :-) )
    • A Windows 8 tablet
    • A Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 820)
    • Pluralsight annual passes
    • Telerik DevCraft Ultimate licenses
    • Asponse licenses
    • Full conference passes for NDC London (December 2013)
    • JetBrains licenses
    • MyGet licenses
  5. Get educated for only the price of your lunch (sorry bout that but we had to, because of many no shows last year)
  6. and most important : JUST BECAUSE IT IS FUN!!!!!!!!

I’m proud of working for the Platinum sponsor (Cronos again, we dig community!!!!! ) and that I’m involved in the community (I’m an Azug Crew member and darn proud of it ;-) ) and this year even organizing member . All these people deserve your full attention and at least come and take a look so that you know what they are capable of! You can register yourself here: http://www.communityday.be/

As you can see the list became larger than last year’s list, if this still isn’t sufficient , well then …  I know a guy … so there shall be consequences !!! :-)



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