Keep an eye out it started … #windowsazure continuously updates :-)

My little heart skipped a beat this morning when seeing some nice new changes in the Windows Azure landscape. First of all, by many request, the team added SSL for Windows Azure Websites (WAWS)! Of course this is only valid for Reserved mode (due to DNS etc ..) But you can finally use and implement it!!!


and a choice is there in SNI SSL and IP Based !!!


Another small change: 64bits availability for WAWS , so allowing you to run your code on a x64 architecture.


and also popping up is this “little” service:


In general today will probably have more in store than this alone, seeing that in a couple of hours TechEd North America will be kicked off (and with great events come great announcements!! ) …. It already shows with the new homepage for Windows Azure, crispy fresh :-)

one of the better announcements was in the pricing model! NO MORE CHARGES for stopped Virtual Machines (unfortunate not yet for Cloud Services, but hey… we are getting there !)

so this gives us new toys to play with the upcoming weeks .


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