Little free gem … #windowsazure SQL Reporting Succinctly

051313_0924_Didyouknowh1.pngEvery once in a while you bump in to some free stuff that’s more than totally worthwhile taking a look at (but then again isn’t free stuff always worthwhile #statingtheobvious?). Last year I got to learn to know a component company named Syncfusion and this through their wonderful free tool named Metro Studio, an icon and graphics generation tool to generate Windows 8 style icons and graphics for tiles. It so happens that Syncfusion also have an extensive library of free ebooks on a varia of subjects, ranging from git, to TypeScript over to Lightswitch (an excellent one btw written by a friend named Jan Van der Haegen ) and many more.

The goal of Succinctly series ebooks is simple: a series of concise technical books that targeted at developers working on the Microsoft platform. Syncfusion believes, given the background knowledge such developers have, that most topics can be translated into books that are between 50 and 100 pages. Just to get on the road fast and furious (no pun intended) with new tech.

It so happens to be that, since a short while, there’s one released on Windows Azure. And more specifically on Windows Azure SQL Reporting. The author is Stacia Misner, a Microsoft SQL Server MVP and an expert in Microsoft BI-related technologies (read mostly SQL Server and all of it’s components).

Windows Azure SQL Reporting by Stacia Misner

So what’s this book all about?
Well for starters the author the author nailed it from the beginning, by kicking off with the main differences between Windows Azure SQL Reporting (WASR) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). From there out she gradually moves on to the configuration and usage of WASR, by guiding you step by step through the process. Next to that she also explains you some important other features that you might need while using WASR. Also on the list is the security factor and how you can integrate with everything else.

I’ve included the table of contents for your convenience:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to SQL Reporting
    • What Is SQL Reporting?
    • How Does SQL Reporting Compare to Reporting Services?
    • Why Use SQL Reporting?
      • Small Company
      • Large Company
      • Limited Project Lifespan
      • Cloud Application Developer
  • Chapter 2 Getting Started
    • Windows Azure Setup
    • SQL Database Setup
    • Data Migration Options
      • Deploy Database Wizard
      • Database Script
      • Windows Azure Data Sync
      • Data-Tier Application Export and Import
      • Windows Azure Blob Storage Account
    • BACPAC Export
    • Migration into SQL Database
    • SQL Server Integration Services
      • Bulk Copy Utility
    • SQL Reporting Setup
  • Chapter 3 Report Development
    • Tools
    • Report Development Fundamentals
      • Report Projects
      • Report Items
      • Expressions
      • Report Parameters
      • Filters
      • Query Parameters
      • Subreports and Drillthrough
      • Interactivity
      • Pagination
    • Report Builder
      • Getting Started Wizard
      • Report Development in Report Builder
    • ReportViewer Control
      • On-Premises Application
      • Windows Azure Application
  • Chapter 4 Report Management
    • Report Deployment
    • Redeployment
    • Data Source Management
    • Execution Log
    • Server Usage Statistics
    • Report Server Properties
      • General Properties
      • Execution Properties
  • Chapter 5 Report Parts
    • Benefits of Report Parts
    • Report Part Creation
      • Report Part Deployment
      • Deployment from Report Designer
      • Deployment from Report Builder
      • Report Part Redeployment
    • Report Part Management
    • Report Part Gallery
    • Update Notification
  • Chapter 6 Security
    • Role-Based Security
      • Item Roles
      • System Roles
    • Users
    • Report Server Item Permissions
  • Chapter 7 Report Access
    • Web Service URL
    • Rendering Formats
      • Excel
      • Word
      • MHTML
      • PDF
      • TIFF
      • CSV
      • XML
    • My Reports Folder
    • URL Access
    • Report URL
    • URL Access Parameters

I know WASR and this book really show you how to act on every aspect. It’s written in a very comprehensive way and lives up to the statement of the 100 pages maximum accomplishment.

You can get the ebook here: all you need to do is register and then download. Have fun reading!!!!


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