get-help azure : A smaller list but with great #windowsazure resources …

051313_0924_Didyouknowh1.pngSince it’s what we call in Belgium “komkommertijd” (literal translation “cucumbertime” aka silly season, who comes up with these expressions anyway … J ), I thought of another Windows Azure list blog post. A list on great cheat sheets and web resources to help you in your daily struggle / workload with the platform.

  • Doctor Doctor gimme the WAWS, I got a bad case of loving you –

    This cheatsheet is so complete and so handy to wok with, it does need some attention! If you’re a Windows Azure lover, with roots in PHP or cross platform then you’ll love and dig this the most! Written and maintained by Cory Fowler (MSFT), he manages to give you great advice and cheats for WAWS. Do check it out!!

  • By the Powers of Shell, I got the Power(shell)! –

    I’m a powershell lover, and so is former MSFT employee Michael Washam. He wrote a lot of great articles and blogpost on Windows Azure and Powershell and even added a full reference page. Do check his scripts out if you’re in need of any guidance.

  • I just can’t do it capt’n , she ain’t got the soft installed! –

    Don’t you just hate if something doesn’t work when building your stuff? We all know dependencies matter and sometimes theres no other way around of installing stuff on your build server. But what is you use integrated build services from TFS online. Will my stuff build or break? (“koffekoeke” anyone ) . It might be interesting that we know what’s available on the build machines before even starting then, right? Now you can. There’s a nice website with a nightly refresh of what’s installed on the bbuilt machines of TFS online. Check it out and check your dependencies for yourself!

  • Have I done this? Check! – (Work in progress)

    When doing azure stuff you need to keep in mind a lot of things. Therefor some people have create the (owner currently is my buddy Brady Gaster (MSFT) ) based upon the hit by Mads Kristensen (MSFT). It’s intend is to create a checklist (with guidance), for your deployments and setup.This can be forked on GitHub. So please feel free to add to it!

  • A small list for man, a learning for mankind –

    This llist is more an addendum to get you better acquainted with the platform. This is more about what’s in it and what it all means (and it ‘s crispy fresh since yesterday (26/08/2013) J). It’s a blogpost written by Scott Hanselman and explains all the concepts and is a full glossary of all the Windows Azure items available. So, if you totally get lost on naming things within Windows Azure, then this is the reference in a simple way


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