Proud JustAzure Collaborator

Just-Azure-collab-Badge-120x120Since September 1st 2014, I’m officially a collaborator. This site is a collection of well renowned Azure faces (people like Robin Shahan (@robindotnet) , Sandrino Di Mattia (@sandrinodm) , Michael Collier (@MichaelCollier), and so on and so on) and I’m very proud to be part of it! This “Platform” will try to go from the very basics explanation to more complex matters until the entire topic of choice has been handled. And gradually the content will become more complex, just as with any other learning curve

You might ask yourself (not quoting the Talking Heads btw): “Why another series of articles on Windows Microsoft Azure”?

Well there’s a couple of good reasons for it, and here a few to name:

  • There’s not enough articles available which cover all aspects of the topic
  • There’s not enough articles on “Notes from the field”
  • Most articles are for IT Pro’s, I’ll try to address DEVS, IT Pro’s and DevOps in the entire series. (that’s for me specific)
  • There’s not enough fun in these articles
  • We want to do it differently ….

Every journey starts with a single step, namely the first. (Or in IT: step 0, just to get all geeky). Well for my first step in the series of articles (yes series) I’m writing, I’ve chosen to handle Virtual Machines and IaaS capabilities. Hence I even named my first article “Azure Virtual Machines Part 0: A VM Primer” Check this article and site out. We, the collaborators, hope that you find it useful and clear with respect to the content we are trying to offer.

See you there!

Yours truly,


The MickeySoft Bunny J


PS : Follow @justazure for info when new articles are published



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