a quick tip for monitoring : #azure application insights has a plugin for WordPress

azureWhen willing to have monitoring and stats and diagnostics for your sites and you want to use tools like Application Insights you mostly need to add code or scriptlines to all the pages you want tor track. The Redmondians have made it easy for us when using world’s most popular CMS: WordPress (as I do too , yes I’m a fan, so sue me :-) ). This makes monitoring sooooo easy, there’s no more excuse NOT TO DO IT!!



so … enter your WP site, select the Plugins side menu and click “add new”. Type in “Applications Insights” and there it is. now all you have to do is click “Install Now”.


Once done it will be in the installed plugins list. Activate it if it didn’t automatically.


Once actived the only thing left to do is enter the application insights instrumentation key (the green indication) and paste it in the settings pages of the Application Insights settings.



And that’s it. give it a couple of minutes and all your stats will be dripping onto your beautiful Azure Ibiza portal in no time. Hope this helps :-)



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