my life handle : Mike Martin

my occupation: Microsoft Consultant / Architect

twitter handle : @techmike2kx

favourite UG : AZUG.BE

Override Function Bio

Due to his high motivation in learning new techniques and methods, his ability to function as a real team-player, easily communicating and adapting to new environments, made it possible for Mike to join projects in several different environments, which needed these adaptive capabilities to embrace new knowledge and methods. After experience in development, testing, and training, Mike started to broaden his profile by entering projects involving aspects like deployment and systems management. He also gained management and organisational skills, this due to the fact that Mike led a Competence Center for Microsoft related development tools, applications, servers and practices. Since Q4 2010 Mike also opened his profile upon new career moves as in being Lead of the Microsoft Centre of Expertise with one of his former employers, thus making business decisions on choice of technology for upcoming projects. Also part of his role was the functional technical analysis for requirements matching in bid and RfP Management. Today Mike is working for Crosspoint Solutions as technical pre-sales Microsoft Lead Consultant covering all possible Microsoft solutions and products. From a technical perspective Mike is more involved in architecting solutions based upon the entire Microsoft Application Platform. Since 12/2011 Mike is also a crew member for Azug, the Belgian User Group Chapter for the Windows Azure platform.


One thought on “This.About

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