1 Conference, 3rd edition, 18 Talks and 4 Belgians on just 1 Topic: yes it’s back #AzureConf 2014!


I’m glad to announce that October 21st, 2014 will be another packed day with nothing but Azure goodness! Willing to catch up on the newest features of the platform? Well this is your chance! Register for free for this LIVE online conference (of which the recordings will be available afterwards on Channel 9)

A mere list of 18 speakers will be talking about all the coolness Microsoft Azure has got to offer. Again I’m proud to be a Belgian, because we got 4 speakers up there all on different subjects. Who are they? Well here’s the list:

  • Maarten Balliauw will be handling “The Azure CDN”
  • Sandrino Di Mattia, aka “Mr. Azure himself”, will talk about Azure Files in his “Meet Azure Files, your new Swiss Army Knife” session
  • Sam Vanhoutte wouldn’t be Sam if he didn’t talk about things related to BizTalk services : “Microsoft Azure Hybrid Connections, an introduction”
  • And last on the Belgian delegation me, Mike Martin: “Protecting your online and on premises assets ‘Cloud Style’ “, a talk on OOTB and practices for backup management and strategy with Microsoft Azure.

But besides the “Belgians”, they have an enormous collection of quality speakers lined up for your infotainment!

  • Michael Collier
    • Inside the Azure Resource Manager
  • Chris Auld
    • Microsoft Azure Document Database Deep Dive
  • Rick G. Garibay
    • Service Assisted Device Communications on Microsoft Azure
  • Seth Juarez
    • Machine Learning on Azure
  • Eric Boyd
    • Performance Tuning Microsoft Azure SQL Database
  • Javier Lozano
    • Build Your Virtual Conference with Windows Azure
  • Tugberk Ugurlu
    • Search Like a Pro with Azure Search
  • Ido Flatow
    • Caching in Azure, there’s more to that than Azure Caching Services
  • Mike Wood
    • Being Efficient with Azure Automation
  • Lasse Knudsen
    • Migrate SQL Federation to the new Data Elasticity framework
  • Alan Smith
    • Game Services and Telemetry Processing in Microsoft Azure
  • Magnus Martensson
    • Microsoft Azure Web Jobs – the new way to run your workloads in the Cloud
  • Andy Cross
    • Azure Services for Big Data

Of course all these wonderful speakers need a good introduction and a worthy keynote. So who else than Scott Guthrie would be capable of handling all these crazy MVP’s!

Follow the conference at www.azurconf.net on October 21st , 2014, the online conference you don’t want to miss!


Bigger, Bolder, Better! Join the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp on 29/03!

imageAfter last year’s success, a second more successful round of GWAB is en route. At the end of this month we’ll have about 26h of around the world bootcamps in more than 135 locations. Sheer Madness!!! (or Fricking awesome as @Noopman always says J ) This year will be even more special. Last year we spent about 9000 compute hours on rendering Windows Azure Security (read this as sharks with fricking lazers J) and therefor we joined forces with a charity this year to put some good use to the compute capacity. What’s it about ? well read this smaal excerpt from the GWAB Site (http://global.windowsazurebootcamp.com/charity/ )

The Global Windows Azure Boot Camp event will help advance this endeavor by hosting a globally distributed lab in which attendees of the event will deploy virtual machines in Windows Azure which will help analyze data needed for this research. We’re aiming at discovering how our body’s serum protein glycosylation works. We want to know how high blood sugar levels present in diabetes patients affect the complex sugar production systems required for our health and ability to fight disease. We want to prove the theory that when small changes in this process start occurring, the disease can progress and lead to Type 2 diabetes. The results from this work will not only help understand the human diabetic state at the molecular level but also lead the way for early detection of diabetes.

looking at that map with all the locations just dazzles my mind!


Having that said I hope you will either join us or even better .. organize your own location (if you aren’t doing so already). there’s even 2 locations in Belgium: one in Genk and another one in Kortrijk, see our Azug page for more info : http://www.azug.be/events/2014-03-29—global-windows-azure-bootcamp-in-belgium

I’m proud of being part of the global organizer group next to these terrific gents:

Maarten Balliauw     Windows Azure MVP    @maartenballiauw

Magnus Mårtensson     Windows Azure MVP    @noopman

Mike Martin       Windows Azure MVP    @TechMike2kX

Alan Smith         Windows Azure MVP    @alansmith

Michael Wood         Windows Azure MVP     @mikewo

I hope March 29th will be as community filled for you as it will be for me!!!

Yours truly


#CloudBurst 2013 … burst your cloud knowledge – September 19 – 20, 2013 THE #WINDOWSAZURE event of the year!

CloudburstEdition 2 of Cloudburst promises to be a very good community driven event … again! After last year’s success, the Swedish Windows Azure Group (or SWAG for short) got a lot of international quality speakers drafted to put up a great show for your entertainment and knowledge gaining. I’ve got to admit Magnus Mårtensson and Alan Smith did a great job in organizing The list consists of following Azure MVP’s and Microsoft Corp Speakers:

  • Maarten Balliauw
  • Mark Bronwn
  • Andy Cross
  • Patriek van Dorp
  • Björn Eriksen
  • Scott Klein
  • Sam Vanhoutte
  • Michael Wood
  • Magnus Mårtensson
  • Alan Smith
  • And myself : Mike Martin

This 2 day event will be held live in Sweden but will also be live streamed and recorded on Channel9 / MSDN Check the eventsite here: http://cloudburst.azurewebsites.net/

Ow and while we are at it: Did you know you have benefits through MSDN in using Windows Azure? Check this site for your additional MSDN benefits http://bit.ly/140uB31msdn-azure-banner-300x250

TechEd North America 2013 and #windowsazure : a session flood … #MEET

But what if I want to watch these offline .. do I have to download each and every single video separately? Well no … not anymore. there’s this little tool available here http://infoworks.tv/session-downloader/which allows you to browse and download all the sessions from this (and many other events too!)

If I may I will advice you some personal favorites:

Happy viewing!

XX Reasons for attending Community Day 2013

What’s another year in the life of a IT person (actually its a datediff with a difference  of 31449600 seconds in this case, but hey who’s counting …) Last year i gave you XX reasons for attending, this year I’ll try to hand you all of the ammo i got !!!!

First of all it’s Edition N° 7 and the 5th in Utopolis Mechelen (so actually it’s kind of an anniversay )

We have no less than 5 tracks waiting for you filled with sessions on various Microsoft Technologies or … and this is new, cross technology (like the guys from PHP Benelux will do a session on Windows Azure and PHP, pretty cool stuff if you ask me!!)

There’s sessions on Windows Azure (5), SQL Server (5) Sharepoint (3) and many many many many more …. (dixit Cmdt LAssard, Police Academy .. )

If that’s not enough then this will say : “shut up and take my blood, cause i want in!”:

  1. All User Groups will be present (all 14 + additionally PHP Benelux!) : so if you got a question for the experts —> NOW IS THE TIME AND PLACE
    1. AZUG
    2. Belgian C++ user group
    3. BIWUG
    4. CLUG
    5. WINTalks
    6. Pro-Exchange
    7. SCUG
    8. SQLUG
    9. ACCB.net/VBIB
    10. Visug
    11. IAMCT
    12. DotNetHub
    13. MADN
    14. TechNine
    15. PHP Benelux
  2. Great Sponsors come with great things : Combell will be present and we all know what that means!! (yep it starts with I and it SCREAMS  …. )
  3. Go old school: time to do some networking PEER 2 PEER
  4. don’t go home empty handed: we got some GREAT prizes for you waiting (if you win of course :-) )
    • A Windows 8 tablet
    • A Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 820)
    • Pluralsight annual passes
    • Telerik DevCraft Ultimate licenses
    • Asponse licenses
    • Full conference passes for NDC London (December 2013)
    • JetBrains licenses
    • MyGet licenses
  5. Get educated for only the price of your lunch (sorry bout that but we had to, because of many no shows last year)
  6. and most important : JUST BECAUSE IT IS FUN!!!!!!!!

I’m proud of working for the Platinum sponsor (Cronos again, we dig community!!!!! ) and that I’m involved in the community (I’m an Azug Crew member and darn proud of it ;-) ) and this year even organizing member . All these people deserve your full attention and at least come and take a look so that you know what they are capable of! You can register yourself here: http://www.communityday.be/

As you can see the list became larger than last year’s list, if this still isn’t sufficient , well then …  I know a guy … so there shall be consequences !!! :-)


The Empire Strikes Back : #WindowsAzure ‘s #azureconf is back on 23/04 #MEETBE #MVPBUZZ (or why sequels are good :-) )


After last year’s successful edition, AzureConf is back. Again it will be packed with quality speakers from around the world, bringing you hands-on experience, interesting architectural talks or real-world examples and cases.

The keynote will be delivered by Scott Guthrie (@ScottGu) and the entire event will be live streamed on Channel9. If you want more information, then do tune in to the official website : http://www.windowsazureconf.net/

if you want to re-live or re-watch last years edition then here’s the Channel9 link for your convenience : http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/WindowsAzure/AzureConf2012

I know what i’ll be doing on April 23 .. how bout you? :-)