Now that’s scaling! 27/04 Global Windows Azure Bootcamp and the race is on #windowsazure #meetbe #GlobalWindowsAzure

azure new and we’re live! This spring you can be part of an unique global experience! Do you like Windows Azure? want to do something unique? And meanwhile learn something? Then you are one click away from the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp, an online event organized by Windows Azure User Groups around the globe!

Want to know more? then keep an eye out on the official website as we will be updating this site regulary.

All details can be found on :—global-windows-azure-bootcamp

The official site can be found here (and runs on Windows Azure, of course!!! ). Spread the word and the love for cloud! #sharingiscaring!!

If you want to follow us on twitter :  tag to follow #GlobalWindowsAzure

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Don’t miss the online Windows Azure event of the year : MEET Windows Azure on June 7th

Next week thursday ,  June 7th 2012, Scott “the Gu” Guthrie will talk on Windows Azure and its future and all accompanying technologies. I bet there will be some nifty announcements, so this is one event you don’t wanna miss!

and the fun part: you can either follow it through the livestream or on the twitter (or both for the multi-taskers among us :-) )

How to join us :

I myself will be following the event “lazy style”, meaning @ home, with a cold beer and on a big screen TV :-)

So see you online for the event on the 7th! My Twitter handle is @Techmike2Kx!

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XX Reasons for attending Community Day 2012

If you can’t think of one reason of going, then I’ll give you at least 17 very good ones !! That’s right, 17! Wonder where the number comes from? :-) actually it’s easy, Belgium is proud to have at least 17 Microsoft communities, each of them specializing in either a single product,  a complete product group or technology. And all of them hosting expert talks, events and people. Here’s the full list:

  1. AZUG
  2. Belgian C++ user group
  3. BESUG (soon PIRAD)
  4. BIWUG
  5. CLUG
  6. IT-Talks
  7. Pro-Exchange
  8. SCUG
  9. SQLUG
  11. Visug
  12. WinSec
  13. XNA-BUG
  14. DotNetHub
  15. MyTIC
  16. Wiphug
  17. TechNine

If that is not enough, I’ll even throw in a couple more:

  • it’s free :-)
  • it’s fun!!!
  • it’s educating
  • it’s the place to be (next to the Belgian TechDays scene) in order to do some networking
  • ow and did I mention it’s free? :-)

I’m proud of working for the Platinum sponsor and that I’m involved in the community (I’m an Azug Crew member and darn proud of it ;-) ). All these people deserve your full attention and at least come and take a look so that you know what they are capable of! Registrations start 09/05/2012 , and you can register yourself here:

MSDN Live Meeting Recording : Time to get Lync’ed up: a developer’s perspective

On 27th March I gave an intro on Lync for Developers during an MSDN Live Meeting. The recording can now be watched and downloaded at MSDN’s Channel9 and can be found here.