Use BING … the right way (and so as everything else related to Microsoft (and not only online))


If you’re a Microsoft fan (as I am) and fed up with that one thing that always seems to be more “innovative” than the stuff you use, well then maybe it’s time to explain to people on how to use stuff correctly. I hate Google and am not fond of Apple either, because they always give the intention of being innovative, but they aren’t. And those followers of the latter are the ones resilient to change (cause they like to hipster more than we do I guess). But trust me , the guys from Redmond are more innovative than the SF guys ;-)

Having said that, let’s get to the core of the issue in my case. I live in Belgium, and for most services that’s and issue as such … PERIOD. I mean, come ON! Living in Belgium doesn’t automatically make me a French talking guy (or a Walloon). I speak DUTCH (Flemish, and more precise ANTWAARPS! J). Now why Am I saying this all to you? Well since dino’s ruled the world, the Belgian people have always wanted to use software in their own language on their own keyboards with their own settings. Which is fine, up to some point …. But believe me guys, the software you use is build OUTSIDE of your comfort zone and translated software is always crappy (yes MS also yours, sorry!!)

Since the beginning of time all localized software SKU’s have been issue full or not working the same as their brilliant US originated counterparts (especially Office …. Boy that’s terrible in Dutch). So accept the fact, stop using localized stuff and learn some English J (and with that you’ll get the advantage to understand us, the IT guys, a lot better and easier too J #FTW) Localized content yes, localized software no!!! J

I’m using Bing for quite some time now and believe me the results are way better than the Google ones, and less commercial push too.

Now a lot of people addressed me today on this question : How? (reason was of the nice Halloween site the US created, with some cool interaction on it) Cause I always get redirected to the BE site. Well since any browser looks at your region and also your originated IP (yes it does), it will try to give you the closest possible local version. E.g. if I start up a clean browser or private/pr0n browser session I get this:

It’s bing allright, not going to argue there … but somehow the results aren’t the same as if you’re using Bing us …

It has full HTML 5 interaction features and media available and the main screen can change easily (plus the pictures you’re getting are awesome)

No how do I change these settings not redirecting me always to BE instead of going to the US site? Well easy:

  1. Open a browser, and go to
  2. Then click the small gear in the right upper corner in the browser windows so not next to your home or favorites buttons!

  3. This takes you to the settings page of your Bing search prefs:

  4. Click on the WERELDWIJD(WORLDWIDE) menu item
  5. Choose the Verenigde Staten – Engels / (United States – English) region

  6. That’s it, you will be automatically be redirected to the US site from now on, but except for when you clear your browser history/cache/cookies and when doing a Pr0n/Private mode browser session.

Now you have the power to use your search engine with more feist and power than before. Hey even the Wolfram Alpha engine is now better integrated e.g.

The same applies for any other service online from Microsoft BTW, MSDN and TechNet pages are way better in the US region compared to the European Counterparts. So next whenever you’re buying a new MSFT soft or using it’s online services, try to do it immediately in English and be amazed how smoother things will work.

I know I ranted at the beginning of my post, but please at least give it a try and then, maybe, you’ll also see why I rant J

Yours truly,

The Local MickeySoft Bunny J