The other side of #MVP … doing the good … community style, another round of SaferInternet 4 Kids #mvpbuzz #meetbe

child_logoFor once I’m not going to talk technology, but I’m going to talk softskils. Being an MVP has a couple rings to the name: technology experts recognized by community all over the world and locally. But for me being an MVP means more than just technology. It’s all about sharing and adding to the greater good of this crazy little thing called community. Microsoft has this great concept called the Citizenship Program on which interacts with social awareness programs all over the world. In Belgium this program collaborates with organizations like ChildFocus, an organization/ Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children operates under the name Child Focus, which is a public service foundation.


This organization also tries to educated children on how to be safe online. For this they work together with Microsoft in order to deliver SaferInternet training. MSFT organizes this twice a year, and on October 22nd, it was S-Day again (sorry it took a while to blog on it, but I was waiting for the pictures)

They’ve been organizing this for already a couple of years, and it’s a great experience for both the children and the people who deliver this training. Besides that I find it also needful, since I’m also a parent and I need to get through that phase too somehow, one day.

The schools I went to visit this time where VBS “de Klimop” in Sint-Gillis-Waas ( (in the classes of juf Lieve, juf Ellemieke and juf Ann) and VBS “Sint-Lutgart” in Belsele ( (the class of juf Sofie and juf Veerle) . I therefor would also like to thank these institutions, their teachers and their pupils again for their co-operation in this matter, there I find it very important to provide a fun a safer internet experience to children. It’s a medium which should be embraced and not feared, and if we can guide our children this way we can try to make our digital worlds a little better and safer for everyone perhaps ….

and even the kids know how to say thank you


Yours truly,

Mike, the most valuable parent ( ;-) )