MessageBox.Show(“Hello reader”);

10 Years ago I started my first .Net project with exactly these words (what can I say, I’ve got a weakness for classics :-) ). Amazed as I was with the simplicity in writing and yet the better readability of the .Net Framework and the accompanying new C# language,  it was still tempting to write dim and var’s all over the place (having come from a Visual Basic 6.0 background). But it didn’t take long before I got used to the beauty of semi-columns.

A lot has changed over this last decade: the Framework matured really fast, expanded with new features and possibilities, and inherited industry standards and became a pioneer in new techniques and technologies with lots of side tracks.

And it’s exactly that what made me start this blog. The innovation and commodity that Microsoft brings to the masses is something to be pleased with and to be shared with as many IT professionals in the world.

What you will find on this blog will be either tips, tricks,  roadmap news or thoughts on Microsoft and all it’s related products.

And as an extra for today: apparently I’ve started my blog on the founding anniversary of Microsoft.

So: Happy 37th Birthday Microsoft and thank you for all the pleasant and even sometimes less pleasant products and innovations!

Yours truly,