Cool Windows 10 update.. and there goes my network … NOW WHAT? #lifehack

windowslogoFor those also a edgy as me, and thus living on the Windows Insiders Fast Ring might come to a surprise from time to time. Today i was passed on the latest build (14279), and of course very happy with it Smile (geek as I am). Unfortunately that wasn’t counted on networkadapters, Hyper-V and the update itself.


So what happened: I had a full setup of Hyper-V active on the machine, with a couple of vAdapters and a vSwitch belonging to that. After the update and the reboot, i all of a sudden could no longer connect to the internet. What happened? I don’t get it… i checked the Wi-Fi connection … seemed connected.. although now i was getting a 169.x.x.x loopback address (you know,  the ones that come for free Sad smile )


I went to check out the adapters … and guess what , my network bridge was gone …. weird … So i decided to remove it from the adapters .. but … COMPUTER SAYS NO ..

All of a sudden my adapters start misbehaving and havig an attitude against me.  Luckily i remembered someting from the old day … netcfg …. Smile



so what do you need to do:

  1. open a command prompt in Admin Mode
  2. run netcfg /? to get you all the netfcg help info. The key lies in the netcfg –d, as this will reset and remove all adapters and put them back in zero configuration
  3. run the command with netcfg –d
  4. reboot the device

The only thing now of course is to re-create the vSwitch and all should be back to normal.


It’s not the best solution around (it shouldn’t be happeneing at first), but still it does the trick.

I hope i could save you all some time here